Weekly Update - July 25th - July 29th

 New sidewalk in front of Thomas Hall

New sidewalk in front of Thomas Hall

Current Week (July 25th thru July 29th, 2016)

The entire Clifton Corridor took a huge step forward this past weekend with the installation of the structural components for the new pedestrian bridge.  JE Dunn, Gay Construction and McCarthy Construction all worked together in concert to ensure a safe and smooth operation. 

The streetscape improvements project was able to utilize the road closure to install the new sidewalk in front of Thomas Hall, which will minimize the pedestrian impact in this area. 

Work at WHSCAB continues as the contractor will be finalizing the grading work in preparation of completing the sidewalks and concrete apron area, in the next few days. 

Work has started on the construction of the right turn lane, Clifton and North Decatur Road.  Demo work has begun on the sidewalks as well as the rough grading for the new retaining wall that will be built.  PLEASE NOTE THE TEMPORARY SIDEWALKS IN THIS AREA ARE IN PLACE THAT WILL CONNECT PEDESTRIANS ON N DECATUR TO THE FISHBURNE/CLIFTON ROAD INTERSECTION.

Next Week (August 1st thru August 5th, 2016)

Next week the contractor will begin installing light pole bases near WHSCAB.  They will also begin installing irrigation systems once the sidewalks are completed. 

With student move-in date rapidly approaching, work in front of Harris Hall will move forward.  This will ensure the work can be completed prior to student move in weekend.    The work incudes demo of the two concrete aprons, sections of curb and gutter a small section of sidewalk and then re-installation of the same.  Please see the diagram (PDF) for the work area and how pedestrians will traverse the construction site. 

Work will continue at the corner of N Decatur and Clifton Road grading the hill for the retaining wall and new right turn lane.

Important Items/Changes to Note

  • Please use the NEW temporary sidewalk that will route pedestrians around the work zone between the intersection of Fishburne/Clifton and N Decatur.  This is an asphalt path that is lighted at night for pedestrian safety.
  • Please note that we will be working in front of Harris Hall starting mid next week (August 3rd approximately).  Signage will be in place to direct pedestrians as well as vehicular traffic.  Please review the diagram attached to this email for reference.   
  • The MARTA bus stop at Thomas Hall is back in service in its normal location.  The MARTA bus stop that is currently located at N Decatur and Clifton (southbound on Clifton) will be temporarily closed during construction of the right turn lane.  Updates will be provided regarding when we can return it to service.
  • Pine straw has been placed in various locations as a temporary measure.  As the weather cools down, topsoil and plants will be installed.  Trees will not begin to be planted until late Fall when the weather is more accommodating.