Project Weekly Update - September 12th - 17th

Current Week
September 12th thru September 17th, 2016

The asphalt paving work went well last weekend. This allowed the crews to focus their efforts on placing concrete for the sidewalks south of the Goizueta Business School and adjacent to Gambrell Hall.  (See photos above.) Barring any weather impacts these sidewalks will be complete by the end of the week.  Neither sidewalk can be placed into service for several more weeks due to other elements of work that must be completed. 

With respect to the sidewalk south of the Goizueta Business School, crews will need additional time to relocate the traffic signal equipment and install new aerial cabling for the traffic lights.  Once this is complete they can construct the pedestrian island.  So still lots to do here before we can allow pedestrians to enter this area.  On the Gambrell Hall side of the street the concrete corners and handicapped ramps will be addressed over successive weekends. 

This Friday evening and extending into Saturday the concrete corner and ADA ramp on the south east corner of Gambrell Drive and Clifton Road will be replaced.  Based on previous, operations, we anticipate this corner of the sidewalk will be open sometime Saturday evening.  While the work is underway personnel will be on site to assist with routing pedestrians and vehicles through this area. So barring any weather impacts the sidewalk near Gambrell Hall will be back in service in two weeks.   

Work has also started on the installation of a new drainage structure and storm water piping in front of Clinic A.  Once complete this will shed water off of the roadway quicker thus creating a safer driving environment.  

Next Week
September 19th thru September 24th, 2016

Next week work will continue on the traffic signal at the N Decatur Road intersection and installing additional light pole bases.  Storm drainage work in front of Clinic A will be wrapping up allowing us to install new curb and gutter and asphalt paving.   Work will also begin on Healthgate Drive.  Beginning Friday night September 23rd and extending into Saturday September 24th the concrete apron and ADA curb cuts at the corner of N Decatur and Clifton Road will be demoed and put back.

Important Items/Changes to Note

Night work is currently planned for Friday September 16th for demo and replacing the concrete corner near the Law Library at the intersection of Gambrell Drive and Clifton Road.
Healthgate Drive work to begin on September 21st