Illustration Slide 1 – Clifton Road Project (PDF)

This is a view of the Clifton Road Project, which extends from N. Decatur Road (on the left hand side of the graphic) to Haygood Drive (on the right hand side).

Illustration Slide 2 – Clifton Road Traffic Lanes (PDF)

The upper graphic provides a cross section of the existing conditions on Clifton Road. You will note the travel lanes vary in width and no two are alike. The sidewalks are immediately adjacent to the back of curb. The lower graphic shows the proposed changes. The outside travel lanes are 11’ wide and the inner travel lanes are 10’ wide. There is a 5’ planted strip that moves the sidewalk further away from the roadway. The new sidewalks are larger at 8’.  A bike lane has been added on the east side of the road. There are planted medians at 3 locations.